Grandparent's Tales gives kids the opportunity to hear and re-tell the rich stories of older adults in their lives. Children transcribe stories told to them by a grandparent or other older adult, often complete with an original illustration. Every child who submits a story will receive a certificate to celebrate their participation. Selected stories will be re-published in a newspaper, read on television or a public Grandparent's Tales event, or published on our website. If you are an educator who is interested in participating in the program, please contact Barbara Johnson at:

We are also currently accepting book donations for Grandparent's Tales participating classrooms. If you would like to donate children's books for ages 6-12, please mail or drop them off to us at Stagebridge, 2501 Harrison St. Oakland, CA 94612.

Thanks to Books Inc. in Alameda for hosting us on June 3, 2017 for a public reading by Grandparent's Tales winners, and for donating a portion of purchases made that afternoon to Stagebridge!