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April Elder Salon - no foolin'!

Our continuing Wednesday Elder Salons have taken root for the long term. We are exploring the awesome and difficult dynamics of living into our elder years, challenging ageism and seeking depth of meaning and purpose. We are riding the wave edge of a massive global emergence... olders becoming Elders through dialogue, exploration, sharing, and deeply caring relationships.

Co-sponsored by Stagebridge and the Elders Action Network, these FREE gatherings are facilitated by a team of Elders who have stepped up from our Salon community.  Since our beginning in January 2018, we have shared in depth about Elderhood, Community, Spiritual/Existential Meaning, Relationships and Intimacy and so much more.  We choose topics together each quarter and set aside the last half hour at each Salon for warm and engaging conviviality.

The next meeting will take place in the CYF / Basement on Wednesday, April 3rd. Come join us!