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It's Spring Showcase time!

It’s time for Stagebridge’s Spring 2019 Performing Arts Institute Class Showcases!

Monday, June 10:

11:00am: Viewpoints - Sanctuary

11:00am: Monday Singing - Angel Room

2:00pm: Musical Theatre “Cabaret”- Sanctuary

3:00pm: Beg/Int Playback - CYF/Basement

Tuesday, June 11:

  11:00am:Tues. Singing - Angel Room

  11:00am: Scene Study - New Oakland Room

  4:00pm: Harmony Ensemble - Angel Room

4:00pm: Adv. Playback - Choir Room

Wednesday, June 12:

10:30am: Stand-up Comedy - Choir Room

1:00pm: Clowning - Angel Room

2:00pm: Improv Singing - Choir Room

Thursday, June 13:

 11:00am:Thur. Singing - Angel Room

  7:00pm-8:00pm: *Staged Reading at Piedmont Center for the Arts ·  801 Magnolia Ave. Piedmont, CA 94611 (*off-campus; suggested donation at door: $5.00)

Friday, June 14:

10:30am: Storytelling- Angel Room