Stagebridge storytellers captivate audiences with witty, charming, personal and fictional stories, based in the oral tradition of world wisdom. Tellers invite the audience to relax, listen, enjoy and share in the exciting tales as they are revealed. A storytelling concert, featuring 2-4 tellers and lasting between 30-60 minutes, allows audiences to enjoy a variety of stories and styles. If you'd like to host a storytelling workshop, our advanced students and professional instructors can help bring out the voices of your community. If you're an educator who wants to increase your students' literacy skills, confidence, and communication, check out our Storybridge program and bring Stagebridge tellers into your classroom today!
Book a performance here, or contact the Stagebridge office at (510) 444-4755 or [email protected].

 Click here for flyer, or see some of our storytellers in action here!

Time: 30–60 minutes as entertainment, class or workshop.