Program and Administrative Coordinator

Full Time: $40,000-$45,000, with benefits (including health)

Early June 2018—desired start date

Downtown Oakland, Office Location-9:30 am-5:30 pm, M-F

Stagebridge is the nation’s oldest and most renowned (nonprofit) theatre company of older adults. Founded in 1978 by Dr. Stuart Kandell, the company’s mission is to transform the lives of older adults and their communities through the performing arts. Stagebridge accomplishes this with award-winning Creative Aging programs that offer opportunities for lifelong learning and participation in the performing arts. Stagebridge’s unique position as a theatre company “for and of” older adults demonstrate in action the many ways in which elders enrich our culture and our communities. Stagebridge offers professionally-taught classes and performing opportunities for adults over 50 in its Performing Arts Training Institute, as well as storytelling programs in Bay Area schools and institutions.


We are seeking a skilled administrative team member to coordinate and oversee the many programs which we offer, as well as to perform basic office functions. This is a full time position. We are a team of seven, mostly part-time, staff or consultants.

The Coordinator of the Performing Arts Institute (PAI) and Stagebridge’s program administration, oversees all aspects of Performing Arts Institute and Seniors Reaching Out (SRO) Programs. The position is responsible for developing programming and organizing teaching artists and volunteers to deliver performing arts classes, workshops, and performances on site and at community partners throughout the Bay Area. The position also manages the key administration for the office.


Program development and strategic planning: 10%                                                          

Program evaluation and assessment: 10%                                                                 

Class Scheduling, registration, and enrollment: 25%                                          

Showcases and other events: 5%                                                                          

Managing and maintaining community partnerships: 5%                                       

Seniors Reaching Out Admin: 10%                                                                      

Budgeting and accounting: 15%                                                                  

Communication with staff, board, students, teachers, and community partners: 20%

Special Duties

Program planning and development:

-Plans and schedules each term’s classes in collaboration with students and faculty to meet program goals

-Prepare reports for Performing Arts Institute and Seniors Reaching Out re: program efficacy

-With Executive Director, prepare overarching program goals, annual strategic plans and budgets, for Performing Arts Institute and Seniors Reaching Out, and other programs.

Communicate with teaching artists and others:

-With teaching artists, volunteers, and community partners, plan and schedule outreach workshops and performances on an ongoing and one-time basis

-Communicate with new and returning teaching artists about hiring paperwork, payroll, schedules, showcases, and class needs

-Collect and review staff and teaching artists’ timesheets for PAI, SRO, and other Stagebridge programs

Manage budgets, and registration:

-Create and manage budget for class showcases, communicate with venues, and act as site manager during event if necessary

Update and publish class registration forms online and in print and distribute via newsletter, website, and in person to senior and community centers and libraries

-Manage class registration, including accepting and tracking class payments in data base.

-Manage scholarship applications and distribute and track class scholarships

-Be available during most scheduled class times or, if necessary, arrange for coverage by other staff, to support teaching artists

Support marketing and calendar of events and community news:

-Maintain calendar of outreach performances, workshops and events and ensure that teaching artists and volunteers have adequate information and support during event.

-Collect material for, write, and publish bi-monthly newsletter via Constant Contact

Other Tasks:

-With PR & Marketing Coordinator, update website as necessary

-Supporting various financial record keeping and getting approvals on expenses

-Responding to Stagebridge’s calls and emails as one of the primary Stagebridge administrators.


  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Tech savvy, proficient in MS Office,
  • Detail-oriented and efficient
  • Proven administrative teamwork, ideally at least 3 yrs. of paid office experience
  • BS or BA in business administration, arts or nonprofit management, or relevant field


  • Passion for the arts, theatre and or elders
  • Great organizational skills, and attention to detail                                                                
  • Positive attitude  
  • Patient
  • Accepting and supportive of those who are of various abilities, ages, backgrounds, orientations and cultures         
  • A good team player
  • Flexible, and willingness to join in whatever is needed in a small office
  • Ability to manage during transitions of board and staff
  • Inspiring, and supportive to teachers, presenters, students, staff and board                                                                                                                 

TO APPLY for this job

1.    Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the applicant is found. Ideally the hiring will be in early to mid-June 2018.

2.    The position is a 40 hr. a week job with 1 hr. per day for lunch and breaks. Health care and other benefits, and two weeks of paid vacation are offered and generous paid holidays. Classes are available to staff to attend, pro-bono.

Salary Range:  $40,000-$45,000 (depending on experience) We will not go higher.

If interested, please review Stagebridge’s website:, and submit an up-to-date resume, and a cover letter detailing why you feel you are qualified and what you feel you have to offer to Stagebridge and this position. Plus add 2 references, and their contact info (titles, email and phone). We will NOT contact them without your permission.

Please submit to: Stagebridge Hiring Team: and send with attachments, resume, personalized cover letter, and 2 references to:

Please be SURE your name, email and phone are included, or we cannot promise to contact you. We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.  We will let you know if you are no longer being considered within a week of the submission of your letter and resume.  Thank you!