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Register for Spring Classes

Register for Spring Classes online and in person Wed, March 1 through Fri, April 7. We do not recommend calling in registrations on the first day, as we accept registrations on a first-come, first-served basis and we might not be able to answer your call.

Beginning March 1, you will be able to register online on our website and in person at 2501 Harrison Street, Oakland, CA. Some classes do fill up very quickly, so we recommend registering early if you know there is a class you would like to take.

Spring classes begin Monday, April 3 and run through Friday, June 16. A full schedule will be available the week of Monday, February 27th. To find out more about a particular class, you are welcome to sit in during the last week of Winter classes, or to check out Winter Class Showcases March 8 - 24 (see for more info)!