Stagebridge uses the performing arts to change the way people view or experience aging.  For over 30 years, our innovative workshops and critically acclaimed performances have had a dramatic impact on a wide range of communities. Our performing arts programs empower youth through storytelling, bring spirited performances to isolated older adults, and facilitate high quality classes and workshops for adults over 50.

Our Programs include:

Performing Arts Institute: Come take a class in acting, storytelling, musical theater, improv, playwriting and much more! Spring 2019 classes are now in session - check out our schedule HERE.

Storybridge: Specially trained storytellers, many of them current or former Stagebridge students, use storytelling to help at-risk local students increase literacy--and confidence.

Seniors Reaching Out: We provide entertainment and workshops for frail, isolated, or home-bound older adults. Our touring groups are made up of Stagebridge Students and led by professional directors. In addition to performing at Senior Centers, Communities, Libraries and Skilled Nursing Facilities, our groups are available for conferences, luncheons, parties, and more!

Grandparent's Tales gives kids the opportunity to hear and re-tell the rich stories of older adults in their lives. Children transcribe stories told to them by a grandparent or other older adult, often complete with an original illustration. Every child who submits a story will receive a certificate to celebrate their participation. Selected stories will be re-published in a newspaper, read on television or a public Grandparent's Tales event, or published on our website. If you are an educator who is interested in participating in the program, please contact Clara Kamunde at [email protected]. We are also currently accepting book donations for Grandparent's Tales participating classrooms. If you would like to donate children's books for ages 6-12, please mail or drop them off at Stagebridge, 2501 Harrison St. Oakland, CA 94612.