Scholarships and Work-Study

We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships and work-study opportunities, awarded on a first come, first serve basis, and pending Executive Director approval. Unfortunately, we are not always able to award scholarships to everyone who requests them. Some classes will not be eligible for full and/or partial scholarships. If you have any questions about our scholarship policies or process, please contact Lily at Scholarship applications are due no later than two weeks before classes begin. You will be notified of your scholarship status no later than one week before the start of classes. Please note that we do not penalize applicants for requesting a scholarship over work-study.

To submit a scholarship or work-study request, please fill out the form below. You can find a PDF of our scholarship application here. Paper forms can be mailed or dropped off to our office at 2501 Harrison St. Oakland, CA 94612. 

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Please select the class(es) you'd like a scholarship for. *
Please note that some classes may be full or may not be eligible for scholarships. We are generally able to provide one scholarship/class. Selecting classes here does not guarantee registration or scholarship.
Please select your preferred scholarship amount. Please note that we may not be able to offer the full scholarship requested. The percentages represent the amount of scholarship provided, not the amount you will pay.
If you did not receive the full scholarship requested, would you be able to enroll in any classes? *
If you would like to apply for work study, please fill out the fields below. If you would like to apply for a scholarship only, please skip ahead and submit this form. Work-Study is between a 5-20 hour commitment total, depending on the amount requested.
Enrollment Policy Stagebridge is committed to: *Providing the highest possible level of instruction with outstanding professional artists. *Offering reasonable fees and payment plans that take into account our students’ financial situations. *Continuing to expand our programs and class offerings according to the needs and interests of our student population. 1. Prospective students are encouraged to visit any class during the first week of instruction. Please note that some classes fill before the session begins. 2. Each class must have a minimum number of students enrolled (10 for most classes) in order for that course to be offered. If a course is under-enrolled at the end of the first week, the class may be cancelled or shortened. In the event of cancellation, students will be refunded their tuition, or they can choose to apply that tuition to a different course. 3. Maximum class size will be at Instructor’s discretion. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. You are still welcome to visit any first class to check it out. 4. Stagebridge is able to offer a limited number of full and partial scholarships or work-studies. Students seeking scholarships or work-studies should fill out the scholarship form available in the Stagebridge office or online. Scholarship forms should be turned in no later than the Friday before class begins. The staff will review each form and applicants will be notified if they are awarded a scholarship or work-study by the beginning of the second week of class. Our scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. 5. REFUND POLICY: If you decide to drop a course, you may request a refund or credit ONLY if you notify us by the end of the first week. Any credit must be used by the following class session (Fall credits must be used by Winter, Winter by Spring, and Spring by Fall). Special circumstances that require a student to leave a course after the second week will be considered individually. If Stagebridge cancels a class AFTER the second week, students may request arefund, apply their payment to another class, or request a credit toward a future class (see information about credits above). In addition, we are generally unable to pro-rate class tuition. This is to ensure that we maintain our enrollment minimums and are able to pay our instructors fairly for their time and talent. 6. DEPOSIT POLICY: Deposits are required to reserve your seat in a class. You can choose to either pay your full tuition within a week of registration OR make a deposit of $75. If you are unable to make the required deposit and wish to discuss a payment plan, please contact us at or call 510-444-4755. 7. CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE: There is a 2.7% processing fee for all credit card transactions taken in person. There is a 2.9% +$0.30 processing fee for all credit card transactions online and over the phone. 8. REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION: Your registration is not confirmed unless you have received an email receipt or registered in person. We may not honor registrations left as phone messages or made in advance of open registration. To check your registration, contact us at or call 510-444-4755. 9. SHOWCASES: Showcases are scheduled at the discretion of Stagebridge, pending space and time availability. We will do our best to notify students at the beginning of their class if and when a showcase is scheduled. All classes have the opportunity for an in-class showcase, but are not guaranteed a showcase at an off-site venue. 10. WAITLISTS: If you would like to sign up for a class that is full, please contact us to be placed on a waiting list. You can also add your name to a waiting list if you register online. If you’re on a waiting list, you can come to class on the first day and we’ll let you know before the beginning of the second week if there is room in the class. 11. DISCOUNTS: We offer a 5% discount for individuals and households signing up for 3 or more classes. We offer bundled rates for our Tap classes. 12. CLASS COSTS: Our basic cost for classes is $225 for a session. Costs might be lower in the case of shorter classes, and might be higher in the case of new classes, classes with more than one instructor, classes that meet more than once per week, last longer than 2 hours, or classes that meet off site and/or culminate in a public performance. We do our best to make our classes accessible and affordable. If you have concerns about class affordability, please contact our office about a scholarship or payment plan. 13. LIABILITY: Stagebridge is not liable for any injury incurred during class time, performances, or related activities. By signing that you have read our enrollment policy, you release Stagebridge from any liability in the case of injury or other harm incurred during class time, performances, or related activities.