Seniors Reaching Out

“Your performance brought light and life into the lives of the elders here.” - Center for Elders Independence

Whether due to limited mobility, health or income, sometimes it’s not possible to make it to a performance or workshop held at a public venue or at Stagebridge headquarters by Lake Merritt. But we also know that social isolation is best treated with a dose of performing arts. That’s why our outreach includes bringing our workshops and performances to elder communities, senior centers, libraries, and more.

Our Seniors Reaching Out program brings storytelling workshops and a variety of performances to thousands of seniors in retirement communities, convalescent hospitals, senior centers and community organizations. Audiences, staff and participants agree that these productions bring both immediate and lingering joy.

Each year, we feature a troupe of Stagebridge actors, singers and dancers in a new version of Never Too Late. This musical variety show breaks apart stereotypes of what it means to be old. In between the laughter & song, you’ll find yourself with renewed respect for healthy aging.

Ready to see some eyes light up? Contact us today to schedule a performance.