Acting Shakespeare: "The Merchant of Venice" with Trish Tillman

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Acting Shakespeare: "The Merchant of Venice" with Trish Tillman

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Acting Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice with

Trish Tillman

Thursdays, 1:30pm - 3:30pm


Join us to take a trip back in time to Renaissance England, and become actors in a Shakespearean theater company.  We will re-create the seating of the Globe Theater, encourage patrons to boo and cheer, and have an awfully good time unraveling and knitting up the language, moods, characters, and tricks that Shakespeare still offers, 402 years after his death.

This fall we will explore The Merchant of Venice, one of Shakespeare's most debatable and still relevant plays. This world of ambition, manipulation, and identity will become the actors' playground for not only continuing to master acting language and technique, but also our means of bringing this play into the 21st century through our modern lens.  The actors’ tools of physical and emotional expressiveness will be honed through playful exercises, thoughtful and creative discussion, and developing original interpretation of the characters, all derived from the treasure chest of the text.

At the end of the session, we will perform selected scenes from the play.

No previous acting or Shakespeare experience necessary; just good will - to go with our Good Will (William Shakespeare, of course!)

No memorization required; the words will be your friends and guides.  Huzzah! Maximum enrollment: 12 students.