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STAGEBRIDGE - The nation's leading senior performing arts education organization, and pioneer of Creative Aging programs, based in Oakland CA - seeks a dynamic, experienced Executive Director to lead the organization.

START DATE: January 2019, or ASAP

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Rolling with a goal to hire by early 2019

SALARY: $80,000 (Commensurate with a $550k budget AND regional/Oakland-based arts nonprofits)

BENEFITS: Prorated full health care, 3 weeks paid vacation, and generous paid holidays.

REPORTING: The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors and is charged with building, nurturing and sustaining the organization in accordance with the Strategic Mission, Vision and Values.


  • Lead the organization as part of the creative aging field, primarily in the Bay Area. (5%)

  • Regular communications and engagement with the Board of Directors, and attentiveness for success in the Board and staff committees, shared goals and partnerships. (5%)

  • Maintain financial viability and integrity of the organization, including timely financial reporting and planning with the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors. Overseeing the finance related staff and consulting team (bookkeeper, audit review team, accountant, and any development team needed for planning or evaluation.) (10%)

  • Develop and regularly refine the Fund Development Plan; including growing the Stagebridge Legacy Society, supporting Board fundraising, meeting with or engaging existing and new individual donors, family foundations, and foundation and corporate funders and sponsors, and new prospects. Supervise grant writing consultant, for foundation proposal development and or other subcontracting or staff in development. And reporting to Board and Dev. Team. We bring in about $220,000 in earned revenues, and fundraise for $350,000 on average p/yr. (30%)

  • Hire, supervise, evaluate and strengthen the team of diverse multicultural staff, and consultants. There is one other FT (Program Manager) staff, and three, 20 hr. a week, part-time, program, and marketing/PR/ staff, and 2 contracted consultants in bookkeeping and grant writing. Plus, over 25 instructors or storytellers, who are salaried and part-time (4-10 hrs. per week on average—overseen by the staff program managers.) (15%)

  • Meet with instructors, and students, attend programs as possible, and serve to support the framework for the artistic direction of the agency and its programs. Oversee Stagebridges’ programs and services with managing and supportive staff and consultants: (20%)

    • The Performing Arts Institute (PAI)--Three ten-week semesters classes (22+ classes per quarter for over 250 students per year) taught by professional artists, and a summer session plus miscellaneous Showcases or special performances or partnerships.

    • Storybridge (Schools’ program)—Professional storytellers engage students in public schools, grades 1-5, and train and motivate them to interview elders.

    • Seniors Reaching Out (SRO) (programs in the community; many fee-based in institutions serving other elders.)

    • Storytelling (EPIC storytelling program, Love Lines, performances and auditions for the Marsh-Tell it on Tuesday, and workshops for PATI, SRO and Storybridge.)

    • Brand development and marketing of Stagebridge and its programs to diverse Bay Area communities, to increase student enrollment, participation, & community partnerships. (15%)


  • Minimum of 7-10 years in non-profit management in leadership positions, ideally 3-4 years at least, as an Executive Director

  • Background in theater management (improv, Playback Theatre, dance, music and/or storytelling)

  • Demonstrated success in fundraising and earned income sponsorships and partnerships

  • Demonstrated fiduciary planning, reporting and oversight

  • Knowledge of Bay Area arts/performance community and awareness of other national/global opportunities for partnership

  • Knowledge of aging issues and some experience in the creative aging field

  • Outstanding organization and culture shaping skills

  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office for PC including Excel and QuickBooks

  • Evidence of strong communication skills; written and verbal

  • Team builder, able to motivate, shape and inspire a diverse community.


  • Great listening skills

  • Organized, punctual, and well-tempered

  • Creative, proven, and dynamic leader

  • Inspiring team member and motivator of board, donors, funders, staff and volunteers

  • Commitment to ensuring we are a diverse, community-based organization

  • Connector and convener

  • Attentive to established and new organizational goals, and determined to meet them with the team or whomever else needed to do so

  • Balanced office, finance, planning, public relations, marketing, and fundraising skills

  • Steady, committed leader in the arts or elder field

  • Impeccable follow-through and attentive to meeting deadlines

  • Wholistic systems thinker, knowledgeable about Bay Area arts and contacts

  • Well-connected and able to leverage his/her/contacts and fundraising for Stagebridge

APPLICATION PROCESS (We encourage you to first review our website, mission, programs and history, and email)

  • A detailed cover letter on why you feel you are qualified and are a superior candidate for the position (please review and be sure you have the experience and skills sought.)

  • Your resume detailing required skills, successes, and experience.

  • 3 references with your application, including their names, title, company, & contact info (phone & email)

    Note: Stagebridge will not contact them without your permission (between interview 2 & 3)

  • Provide writing sample, preferably a successful grant proposal or annual fund campaign letter.

Please email your materials with cover letter, resume and references in one email.

Incomplete application packages will not be considered

CONTACT: Tracy Gary, Interim Executive Director, and the Hiring Committee



QUESTIONS: Email your questions and we will be happy to get back to you, ASAP.

Please be SURE your name, email and phone are included, or we cannot promise to contact you. We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply. We will let you know if you are no longer being considered within two weeks of the submission of your letter and resume.

Please pass this job on to those who may be qualified to for this position at Stagebridge.