Watch this short video to see Storybridge in action.

Since 1980, Stagebridge has been bringing elders trained in storytelling to classrooms throughout the Bay Area. By sharing personal stories that touch on universal themes, this literacy program helps at-risk students develop listening and language skills. In addition to preparing them for success in the schools, Storybridge gives children a chance to experience empowering intergenerational relationships while building their language skills and self confidence.

Our storytellers bring their wealth of experience, wisdom and nurturing to stories they share with children. In every interactive storytelling session, you can see the generations sharing and learning from each other. In fact, the impact of the Storybridge program extends beyond the classroom. When the students begin interviewing their own grandparents, they discover family stories that can be treasured for generations.

Want to see your class transformed by the power of storytelling? We can’t bring a campfire, but as they get pulled to these irresistible – and universal – stories, you will see a warm glow on your students’ faces. Help your students gain literacy skills as they experience the magic and dignity of their own stories. Invite a storyteller to your classroom today. Fill out the form below to get started!

“When you told stories, I felt like jumping and clapping.” - Matt S., Martin Luther King School

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